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Our Arts 

We are proud to work with acclaimed international artists to provide you the most beautiful aesthetic experience. 

Special Collection

Featured Artist: Mr. Haobo Zhang


Haobo Zhang was born in 1973 in Hubei, China, graduated from Hubei Teachers’ University in 1994, and graduated from Xinzhuang Art Institute in 2018. He started Juren Wisdom Art and Culture Training Center in 2000 and made it the biggest training center in Shantou, Guangdong Province in China. There are 6000 students studying Chinese Art & foreign languages in the center today. He moved to Salt Lake City in 2014 and was attracted here by the beautiful mountains. He continues to paint and enjoys producing lots of artwork.He contributed some of his collections of art, painted by his friends, from Xinzhuang Art Institute, and some of his own paintings for our gallery. Painting and building up a more beautiful world is his, and his artists friends’ dream. 

Featured Arts in Our Gallery

Award Winning ink art:

Lotus Flowers' Four Seasons, by Haobo Zhang 

Blooming: imitation of Master Piece from Song Dynasty by Haobo Zhang

Moonlight over the lotus pond by Haobo Zhang

Purity of wind and cloud 

Birds at play: imitation of Master piece of Song Dynasty by Ruonan Zhang

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